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About us


  • The Polyclinic „Povjerenje“ provides various forms of psychiatric, psychotherapeutic, and counselling services through individual or group psychotherapy and various training programs intended for professionals (managers, leaders) with an aim of improving their professional skills and other individuals who want to grow professionally and personally and deal more efficiently with the challenges of life in the 21st century.

    All training programs are carried out by professionals with long-term clinical and teaching experience in stress treatment, psychotrauma, psychiatry, and psychotherapy.

    Training programs may be combined depending on the assessed needs of the participants. Training programs consist of lectures, workshops, and practical work.


  • Specialist and subspecialist evaluation and diagnosis
    Psychopharmacological treatment
    Psychological testing
    Other programs

Our team

  • Prof. Dragica Kozarić-Kovačić, MD, PhD, psychiatrist, expert witness, and psychotherapist
    Prof. Mirjana Grubišić-Ilić, MD, PhD, psychiatrist, social psychiatrist, and psychotherapist
    Tina Peraica, social pedagog and psychotherapist