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Autogenic training

  • Autogenic training is a natural relaxation technique used for releasing tension and achieving psychological and physical relaxation. Autogenic training is recognized by official medicine. Scientific research has shown its usefulness in the treatment and prevention of many disorders.

    It is a technique for raising the level of self-awareness. During the exercises, we become aware not only of our body and the level of tension, but also of our personality and inner mental life – our attitudes, beliefs, and emotional conflicts. Thereby we can change them and improve the way we function. In addition to being a psychotherapeutic technique, autogenic traning is a technique of working on one's self and of self-realization. The technique itself is simple, natural, and easy to learn and has no adverse effects.

    Goals of training

    Autogenic training has been successfully used against stress as a relaxation technique:
    - to free ourselves from detrimental effects of stress
    - to improve our physical and psychological condition.

    What it looks like

    Autogenic training may be taught on an individual or group basis. Group training is more effective as participants also learn from each other. There are two levels of autogenic traning: basic and higher.

    Basic level of autogenic training is intended for beginners, i.e., those who have not learned how to relax. The higher level involves meditative techniques for personality development.

    Duration of training

    Each level may be carried out in the form of intesive weekend workshops or 2-hour weekly sessions.