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Group psychotherapy

  • Group psychotherapy may be organized in different ways. One way is to create a group of individuals with specific psychological problems or types of trauma, such as anxiety issues, sexual abuse, eating disorders, etc. The other way is to create a group of individuals having in common a particular feature (adolescents, couples, parents, etc). The group may help to reduce the feeling of isolation, provide support with respect to some other problem, and make relationships stronger. Group psychotherapy may be effective either as a primary form of therapy or in combination with other forms of psychotherapy. It may also be a more economic model of psychotherapy than individual psychotherapy.

    Moderated by one or more therapists, group psychotherapy provides a safe environment in which all group members can learn and practice new ways of thinking, feeling, and relating to each other. Overall, group psychotherapy reveals difficulties that members of the group have in interpersonal relationships. Feedback from others helps them become aware of their relationship patterns and understand how that affects their own significant relationships.