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Social skills training

  • Social skills include verbal and nonverbal behaviors used for effective communication with other people. They are determined by culture, beliefs, and attitudes. They constantly change and develop during our lives. A person who effectively uses their social skills to communicate with friends, family, colleagues, and strangers is described as someone who has social competence. The list of social skills is very long. Most of us are not even aware that particular skills are social skills and consider them to be part of everyday life. Unfortunately, some people do not find socialization easy, either because of their lack of social skills or because they do not feel comfortable in social interactions.

    Goals of training

    The training involves acquiring specific social skills, especially communication skills. It is designed to help individuals with difficulties in nonverbal and assertive communication. The training also includes learning conversational techniques for specific situations (job interviews, conversations with superiors or important persons). In addition, the training helps individuals to better manage social situations and adapt their behavior appropriately. The goals of the training are: - to improve one's social skills
    - to manage everyday situations in better way
    - to increase self-confidence in everyday situations
    - to become aware of the importance and complexity of human relationships and improve their quality
    - to learn new, socially acceptable behaviors and skills to use in future life
    - to acquire socially acceptable ways of fulfilling personal needs and goals

    What it looks like

    The training is provided in a group. Part of the training may exceptionally be delivered on an individual basis for persons who feel extremely uncomfortable in social interactions.

    Purpose of training

    Social skills training is intended for everyone who wants to improve their social skills and become more socially competent, especially for those with difficulties in social functioning or discomfort in situations where they need to „expose“ themselves to others.

    Duration of training

    The size of the group is limited (up to 15 participants), and the training may be delivered in the form of intensive weekend program or in weekly 3-hour sessions over 8 weeks.